About ME

Born in Tehran in 1965, Zohreh Khaleghi is a Persian-American artist, poet, art critic, & journalist. She is also the editor of web-based art and poetry Moj Magazine.

She finished her MS in political sciences at Mannheim University, Germany and MA at Loyola University. She contributed to numerous art exhibitions around the world.  Zohreh Khaleghi has been painting since childhood and at the same time also writing poetry. 


Art Against Aids – New Orleans, LA

NOCCA Foundation  – New Orleans, LA

National Kidney Foundation – New Orleans, LA

Peace Foundation @ Loyola University – New Orleans, LA

Children Hospital Fundraiser – New Orleans, LA


2011  Collins C. Diboll Art Gallery @ Loyola University – New Orleans, LA

2012  NOMA – New Orleans, LA

2013  Lesley Heller Gallery – New York City, NY

2014  HOB Art Exhibition – New Orleans, LA

2015  Golden Royal Gallery Denver, CO

2016  The Bold Gallery – St. Augustine, FL

2018  KAHF Gallery- Dubai, United Arab Emirates

2019  Z Gallery @ Vyoone New Orleans, LA

2021   Zinat Gallery – Tysons , VA

2021  Zinat Gallery – Alexandria, VA



1993 Honors Full Scholarship Pursuit Master of Art @ Loyola University of New Orleans

2009- 2016 Chief of Editor of MOJ Magazine

2015 NOCCA Teaching

Teaching Private Art Lessons